Friday 17th. April, 2015 To the Dentist 

This is one of the fields opposite our home. It has now been got ready for a new crop. It won’t be any time at all until something is growing – I haven’t a clue what will come up but it will come up soon. Watch this space!

I was up and away from home before six-thirty this morning so that I could avoid the worst of the traffic around the ring-road at Edinburgh. I saw Andrew, my dentist, bright and early. He took my troublesome and painful tooth out and then struggled with a root which was under a tooth which was not a real one but was fixed on to the one next to it. It involved a lot of excavation and by the time he was finished my mouth was pretty sore even although I had received no fewer than four injections.

I drove home with it getting sorer and sorer as the anaesthetics wore off.

Back at Mount Pleasant Rachel and Ann were running a new kilt-making course – I declined anything to eat until a bit later to allow my mouth to recover and instead I returned to dealing with paperwork in the Bothy and keeping an eye on the final day of the Test Match from the West Indies. The course went well and will pick up momentum as the weeks go by.

I dined in the farmhouse – didn’t eat too much because of my mouth – and then went back to the Granary in time to see James Anderson become the English bowler who has taken most wickets ever in Test cricket and then watched the recorded final part of Banished. I really would have preferred a happy ending but it had been marching this way ever since the programme began and there was a certain morality to it all.

Walked Mix and went to bed.


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