Wednesday 15th. April, 2015 Sending out materials to the Business Committee 

A picture I took on Sunday of my Godmother (my Aunt Agnes) and my mother outside the farmhouse

This morning I got up and walked Mix before settling into the Bothy to prepare the bits and pieces to send out to the Business Committee. That’s now all done and I think that I am now up to date with Presbytery business.

Tom popped round to say hello and together we looked at what needs to be done before the boat can go down the road to Amble. We also enjoyed a coffee and whiled away a bit of the afternoon as older people do! (We did lower the mast so that I could strip out the halliards and wash them)!

Again, after dinner, I had a relaxing evening although the news programmes just seem to go on and on at this election time.

I walked Mix and went to bed.


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