Tuesday 14th. April, 2015 Durham win in Three Days 

With more books on the shelves the Bothy really is beginning to look quite good. It certainly feels like home to Mix and me

Up and walked Mix before settling in at the Bothy to deal with Presbytery matters. It has turned into another very fine day and I resent being inside (especially when there is so much to do outside).

In the afternoon I found another box of books in the carriage shed and I got that opened and sorted during the afternoon. I can’t find any more boxes of books but yet I don’t seem to have all of my books – I’ll have to do a bit more searching when I have a bit more time.

Meanwhile down in Somerset, Durham completed their first victory of the season and now sit at the top of the first division in the county championship. We’ll lose that position next week because we are one of the teams without a game but it has been an excellent start to the season.

I walked Mix and then we ate together in the farmhouse. In the evening Rachel and I watched some television but quickly fell asleep. I suppose I did absorb the political state of the parties, surely it can’t go on like this for another three weeks?

Walked the dogs and went to bed.


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