Saturday 11th. April, 2015 – An all-day slog 

While I worked hard in the Bothy, Mix wandered outside to enjoy the sunshine

I awoke and walked Mix. Rachel and I decided that as our rooms were totally destroyed – Rachel’s study and my Bothy – that we would spend the day trying to get them properly in order. I was keen to do this, not least because I think that while I haven’t quite unearthed all of my books I have unpacked at least ninety percent of them.

In fact Rachel decided that before she started she would take Rowan for a walk along the coast at Berwick and she was away for almost three hours because the beaches on which she wished to walk were all extremely busy because of the warm weather. I slogged on (the work being made easier by the Indian Premier League on Sky Sports with two superlative innings in consecutive matches by Brendon McCullum and Chris Gayle).

In fact I slogged on right through until meal time (I did take Mix for his afternoon’s walk) which was later than usual at 7 p.m. because Scott, Sue and Nicholas were coming along for a meal to belatedly celebrate Sue’s birthday. We had a very happy meal and some happy chat before we walked back to the Granary in time to catch the late night news and see peace break out between Cuba and the USA. Cuba is one place I would very much like to visit, but soon: before it is swallowed up by the influx of modern tourism brought about by the return of normal relations with the western world.

I sat and watched the conclusion of the third day’s play at the Masters – very exciting with Justin Rose doing his best to catch and match the wonderful play of Jordan Spieth. Tomorrow night will be extremely exciting. I walked Mix and retired to bed.


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