Friday 3rd. April, 2015 – Good Friday 

When I arrived at Cranshaws Kirk, Janet was assembling her Good Friday Cross in the Church vestibule. It was just right

I got up and walked Mix before doing a bit of work in the Bothy. Then I went off to Duns to attend the Good Friday noon service which was conducted by Stephen. Again it was very simple and straight forward and I enjoyed being part of the small congregation.

After the service I came back for lunch at the farmhouse and then I drove into Duns to do some Easter shopping. I went back to the Bothy – there were still books waiting to be sorted – and later I walked Mix before having a shower and setting off early to pick up Tom and go to Cranshaws for the Good Friday service conducted by Jeff. We were early because Mum wanted to buy some Easter eggs from the Co-op which we did (and I bought some as well).

The service at Cranshaws was a good one – reading the story of the Passion and singing Holy Week hymns. After coffee we came back home and settled down in front of the television before walking the dogs and retiring to bed.


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