Saturday 28th. March, 2015 – The start of our Moderator’s visit 

Another picture from yesterday – a mountain of puppies and all doing well

Rose and walked Mix. Then I went across to the Bothy to start to get things ready for the presbytery mailing which is due to go out next Tuesday but Tuesday will be a very busy day because the Moderator will be with us in Duns.

At lunch time I had a snack and dealt with a number of phone calls and then I started re-organising the Bothy – not bringing in more books but sorting all of the items which had been displaced by books being brought in; and trying to organise a huge number of DVDs and video tapes.

Stopped for a shower and to get ready and was then collected by Stephen to set off and welcome the Moderator when he arrived at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel for his week-long tour of the Border Presbyteries.

Arrived at the Hotel with Stephen in time to welcome the Moderator as he arrived (and carried his case to his room). The hotel had set aside a small lounge in which we were able to meet John and Liz – two of us from Duns, with two from each of the other two presbyteries. After a small discussion we all ate together in the hotel dining room – a pleasant meal – after which Stephen drove me home and he went off to ensure that everything was ready for church the next day while I, being retired, was able to relax!

We walked the dogs and went to bed.


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