Saturday 21st. March, 2015 – On Tour 

Here we are outside the ruins of Kelso Abbey, reading all about what is to be seen within. We had a very happy visit

After walking Mix and a leisurely breakfast with Bill, Morag and Cathy we all climbed into Rachel’s Bongo and set out on our adventures. We went first to Kelso where we wandered around the remains of the Abbey. Our route took us past Tweedside Tackle which is a sporting shop selling some quite upmarket jackets. They had a sale on and in the sale a jacket that fitted Rachel perfectly, so she came home with a new jacket.

Having wandered around the town square we got back into the Bongo and drove to Hawick, chosen for our tour because it is where Bill and Morag spent their honeymoon, quite a few years ago now. We stopped for lunch at the Night Safe, a converted bank and now a beautiful little restaurant which fed us extremely well and fortified us for our trip to the old tower, now part of the centre of Hawick and telling the story of weaving through the ages in Hawick. We explored from top to bottom and even saw a rug-making class in operation. It is very well-worth a visit.

Back in the car, we tried to find where Bill and Morag had stayed, but with absolutely no success at all so we came back to Mount Pleasant in time for a quick cup of tea (while we looked at the first half of England versus France) before dinner and some very pleasant ham.

In the evening we all gathered to watch Mum’s DVD of Mr. Turner. (I quickly nipped along to Church before the film started with Rachel to install our organ for the service tomorrow and to help Dorothy set up her computer for the Stated Annual Meeting.) I don’t think that it was what any of us had imagined but it was an extremely beautiful film. It was also very clever. It didn’t appear to have much of a narrative and yet we learned a great deal about Mr. Turner and his paintings. It was a long film and by the time it was over were all extremely tired and ready for bed.

I reflected on how exciting the rugby had been. All three of the games had been high scoring and open because points were needed to win the competition. Maybe next season there should be no points for winning games but the whole competition should be won or lost on overall points difference. Saturday’s games showed what could be done and such a system would provide exciting, open attacking rugby every game.


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