Friday 20th. March, 2015 -- Our Visitors Arrive! 

This is the result of Rachel's pinhole experiment -- eclipse over Mount Pleasant

Walked Mix and then waited with Rachel for the eclipse of the sun. Unfortunately the sun was hidden by cloud for most of the time but Rachel did get a super picture of the ecipse using a pin hole camera which she had made (well, two sheets of paper really, but it was very effective. It was noticeable how dark everything got and how the colour seemed to drain out of the landscape. (I remember the last time there was an eclipse. We were in Luss and it was a glorious summer’s day. We watched the reflection of the sun in a bucket of water in the manse garden. Happy days!)

Soon afterwards I set off with Stephen, Donald, Alan and Bill to attend the funeral of a member of the presbytery who had died. Rev. Bruce Hay had been a minister in the neighbouring presbytery but since his retirement had lived in Berwick. The funeral service was held in Smailholme Parish Church, one of the churches in which Bruce Hay had served and the service was conducted by Christopher Smith from the Anglican Church in Berwick, the congregation with whom Bruce and his wife worshipped since their retirement. It was a good service and an uplifting one and afterwards we joined the family at a reception in the village hall.

I came home to discover that Mum’s U3A reading group was in full swing in the farmhouse, discussing literary events in Peru before enjoying afternoon tea provided by Olive and a tour of the Stables from Rachel.

While all of this was going on Bill, Morag and Cathy arrived having driven from Kirkintilloch by their usual circuitous route. It was really good to see them. I took them on the tour of the premises and they noticed that things ere quite different from the last time that they were here. We had some afternoon tea ourselves and soon it was time to get them moved in and then for dinner. Olive had prepared an excellent meal with soup and stew with potatoes and carrots followed by treacle sponge.

After coffee Cathy, Bill, Morag, Rachel and I retired to the Granary where we talked and talked and by the end of a long evening felt that we had almost caught up!


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