Thursday 19th. March, 2015 – Preparing for Christian Aid 

Now this boat does look as though it is just a little bit loved!

After walking Mix and having my porridge I went off to a Christian Aid meeting in a lovely home up near the Golf Club – people were playing, it was a lovely morning, and it made me long for a game of golf. I’m actually very keen to play but a little shy at going along on my own (probably because my ability at golf is distinctly limited – and that may even be an understatement). Anyway I had been invited to the meeting by Donald, a retired minister like myself, who has been running Christian Aid in Duns for yonks. I discovered a keen team of folk from all of the Duns Churches, only our Church in Gavinton does its own thing and I asked if we couldn’t be involved with them rather than continue on our own. I think everyone was quite pleased that this be the case. However for this year we will do our own door to door in Gavinton and in Cranshaws, even if it is just Tom and me, and we shall arrange our soup and cheese lunches.

Back home there were so many matters relating to the presbytery to be attended to, so I just settled down and got them done. I recalled that at the presbytery clerk’s conference there were folk who told me that they did all the work of presbytery clerk on a Wednesday morning between ten and twelve. Well, I wish it could be the case here.

We dined in the farmhouse and afterwards I came back to work in the Bothy, stopping in time to watch the news before walking Mix and getting to bed.


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