Wednesday 18th. March, 2015 -- Off to the Theatre 

Mix is king of all he surveys!

Walked Mix and then set off to meet up with Tom and go to Andrea’s for a Stewardship Committee meeting. In fact there was only Tom, Andrea and me at the meeting but we enjoyed Andrea’s coffee and talked through some ideas. Clearly the role of the stewardship committee has been seen as primarily a fund-raising one; I have my own reservations about this as to me the financial side of stewardship is about encouraging folk to give generously through the weekly plate in response to God’s goodness to us. But I’m the new boy and I will learn!

Back home it was back to the boat, but just for a short time as I had to stop half-way through the afternoon to get all cleaned up in preparation for going to the Maltings Theatre to see the Royal Ballet relay production of Swan Lake. I had four tickets so Olive, Digger and Mum came with me. Rachel, surprisingly, doesn’t really enjoy classical ballet so she remained with the dogs and enjoyed an evening in on her own.

Back home I walked Mix and went to bed. I had thoroughly enjoyed my evening at the ballet. It was beautifully done and quite spectacular. What a difference this ability to stream productions has made.


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