Tuesday 17th. March, 2015 -- Boat Cleaning! 

A fine dog -- Rowan is looking good in the garden. I wonder how she will react when her baby sister arrives?

This morning, after walking Mix, I met with one of my colleagues in the Bothy to talk through some of the issues coming up in presbytery – I am still on a steep learning curve. I had some croissants and coffee at lunchtime while I caught up on emails and then I spent the afternoon cleaning Olivebank.

I set to on the boat with a vengeance. Rachel came and helped and we started inside the boat. I got underneath the cockpit sole and cleaned for Britain (as well as removing all of the water which had got into the bilges, and almost everywhere else as well). Tom popped in and admired our progress.

It was a long job but we made progress and by the end of the afternoon it was apparent that someone had been working on the boat! It will be more of the same tomorrow.

We all ate together in the farmhouse (Rachel had been away at another training course today and Mum had been to get her hair done). In the evening we relaxed before walking the dogs and retiring to bed.


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