Monday 16th. March, 2015 – A bit of everything 

A red letter day for Alison and Olive both of whom completed their kilts and their kilt course this afternoon. I pictured them in the stables with their kilts and with their certificates. Well done! A new course will begin very shortly

I got up, walked Mix and breakfasted on porridge in the farmhouse. No sooner had I started washing down the boat than Tom arrived and we stopped for coffee. Soon afterwards David arrived and started to tackle the boat’s electrics. He was making progress but tripped over Rowan (who had ran behind him) and fell down and hurt his back. I don’t think that it is serious – I wanted to take him to the hospital for an x-ray but he preferred to go home on his own first. I 'phoned David later and he is getting everything checked out. He will be stiff tomorrow.

I moved into the Bothy and caught up on a great deal of the work of Presbytery which has been waiting for me. I worked until dinner time when I stopped to eat in the farmhouse and then came back to work in the evening. I did catch University Challenge and later the programme about Connan Doyle (Arthur and George) but by the time I went to bed, I felt that things were really quite under control (almost).

For me the great thing about retirement was that there would be no more deadlines. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work out like that. Presbytery, by definition of the monthly meeting imposes deadlines, getting a boat ready and into the water for the start of the sailing season imposes deadlines. There are other things which I can take more slowly – working on the Hen House, completing the Bothy and so on. But I did covet a deadline-free lifestyle and that has gone for the present!


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