Friday 13th. March, 2015 – Sixty-nine today 

I was presented with this blue badge by Olive and Digger. The whole tone of the place has been raised

I woke and discovered that England’s game was rain interrupted but that they seem to have got the better of it and have a relatively easy target in a limited overs run chase (shortened matches seem to me usually to favour the side batting second. Firstly you know exactly what you have to do and secondly you have all your wickets in hand for a shorter time chasing.)

My aunt Agnes (who is also my Godmother) phoned early to wish me Happy Birthday because it was such a big one. She had thought that I was seventy – so I disabused her and felt young all day!

Mix and I went for a walk and then Tom arrived sharp at five to eleven. However David didn’t arrive until half past.’ He had brought the instruments but hadn’t had a chance to read through how they all worked so he has left them with me and I will have a shot at that. I am panicking that the trailer won’t be ready in time. David says not to worry it will be working before the end of the week, but I have my doubts.

We all – David, Tom, Dorothy, Rachel and I – went off to Pearson’s for lunch (treated by Tom) and I enjoyed mince, potatoes, peas and carrots followed by a malteser biscuit and washed down with Ginger Beer. It was very good.

Back home, Tom and I raised the mast on Olivebank so that I can get on with cleaning her out. I made a start and then went and had a shower before a birthday tea with the family (including Scott and Sue who had come along for the occasion). Earlier Olive and Digger had presented me with a blue badge for the exterior of the Bothy. It appears in the photograph at the head of this entry. Mix thinks that it is very appropriate.

We had a very pleasant evening, a real family evening with lots of talk of long bygone times (some of which, distressingly, I could remember). If being sixty-nine continues like today it will be quite good.


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