Thursday 12th. March, 2015 – Well, at least I now have a clean car! 

Wheels on, mast down, ready for work to begin

David arrived early this morning to put the wheels back on to Olivebank’s trailer; he then took my car away to be valeted. He brought it back several hours later very clean indeed. I’m told that the person cleaning out the car ended up with more hair than would be necessary to knit two dogs.

During the morning I walked Mix, breakfasted on porridge, and brought more boxes into the Bothy which all duly got unpacked. I also did some work both for the Presbytery and for the Green Pilgrimage Network. Tom wandered over and we lowered Olivebank’s mast in preparation for David to do some work on it. We all went our separate ways agreeing to meet up at Mount Pleasant at eleven tomorrow when David would take us through the instrumentation and how it was all going to fit together.

I went off for a shower and then Rachel and I drove into the Maltings in Berwick where first we dined (cullen skink, Scotch egg with salad and fried potatoes, pear and almond tart and ice cream) and then we watched the streamed National Theatre production of Behind the Beautiful Forevers from the Olivier Theatre in London. It was fabulous, set in Mumbai and following the lives of a number of people who live in a slum dwelling beside the airport and jammed between some expensive hotels. I say it was fabulous, what I mean is that it was a fabulous production: but it was also shocking, disturbing, funny and deeply touching. It also gave me what I believe is a real insight into a world I knew little about.

Back home I caught up with the News before walking Mix and retiring to bed (wondering how England would do against Afghanistan in their final match of this world cup).


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