Tuesday 10th. March, 2015 – St. Kessog’s Day 

Today has been a gloriously sunny and warm day – the wind has dropped. It has been lovely. It doesn’t look like that in the picture because it was taken at six o’clock this evening once the sun was down. But the picture shows Olivebank without her wheels – they are away being re-tyred. And because Olivebank has no wheels we couldn’t move her forward to lower the mast. No matter, there is always tomorrow ...

I was up quite early and out with Mix by half-past eight. Our walk today was eventful; walking down the road, facing on-coming traffic as instructed by the Highway Code, I managed to get myself hit by a Robertson’s of Duns bus. I say ‘hit’ I actually got a belt on the upper arm by the bus’s mirror but it was enough to send me sprawling on the grass verge. The bus carried on, but the traffic behind stopped and came to my assistance. One very kind lady wanted to load Mix and me into her car and bring me home. I was embarrassed and just wanted to be left alone – but it was kind and I appreciated so much assistance and kindness.

I was quite surprised that the bus didn’t stop, at the very least it must have wondered why all the traffic behind had stopped. I phoned the bus company on my return home and the gentleman who answered said that he would speak to the driver when he got back to the depot. The same gentleman phoned an hour or so later to see how I was and said that he would phone back after he had spoken to the driver. I didn’t hear any more about it but that may have been because I was out in the middle of the day. However, it shook me up a bit and I am going to have a real good bruise on my upper arm.

I spent the morning in a meeting with a ministerial colleague sorting out presbytery business and then David and I went off to get new tyres for the trailer on which we will take Olivebank to Amble. We will get the wheels back tomorrow and will then be able to manoeuvre Olivebank so that we can unstep the mast to deal with its internal electrics.

Having got the tyres organised we went to buy cable to rewire the boat, stopped off at Aldi to buy biscuits for with the coffee, and ended up buying a gas blower heater for the new theatre (as yet unbuilt) which is our project for this summer.

We had a coffee and a cake in Pier Red in Berwick before driving to Eyemouth where we bought anti-fouling for Olivebank and wandered around the town in the sunshine. We returned to Mount Pleasant, had a coffee and then, before dinner, I walked Mix along the Swinton Road, this time without incident. Reflected that it was 1505 years ago today that St. Kessog was killed a mile south of Luss, today I felt as if I had enjoyed a lucky escape!

After a splendid supper Mix and I came across to the Bothy and did some work before going across to the Granary to watch a bit of tv and relax. (An old Midsomer Murder and then the Scottish Immigration Debate.) Later, we walked the dogs and went to bed.


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