Sunday 8th. March, 2015 – A Special Sunday in our Congregational Story 

A picture which I snapped while walking Mix today – the wind has dropped but we are expecting it to return

I woke later than usual on a Sunday morning and got up in an extremely leisurely fashion. Rachel was already up and was soon off to Berwick to attend the service at the Anglican Church. I walked Mix, watched New Zealand defeat Afghanistan, had a shower and got ready to go to Church at Gavinton. I was there for about one-thirty and I found everything perfectly in order: the Church was looking good, the hall was ready both for the Presbytery and for the reception afterwards, Janet was running the show and Tom was looking after the Church.

The Presbytery was constituted by the Moderator, the service went ahead in a very well-filled Church – an excellent sermon from Andy and the Linkage and Induction beautifully handled by David. Afterwards we all enjoyed the hospitality provided – We are lucky to have a minister ready to take us over as soon as our last one retired: what would Arrochar and Luss have given for that?

Back home I took Mix for a walk and then we all dined in the farmhouse. Mum hadn’t come to the Induction as she was a bit under-the-weather (nothing at all serious). In the evening we watched Mr. Selfridge followed by the News. We walked the dogs and went to bed. It has been a thoroughly good day.


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