Friday 6th. March, 2015 – The World Day of Prayer 

Spring is on the way!

Up early and at the doctor’s surgery before half-past eight to see a life-style adviser who talked me through my life and took me to task for being overweight. Learned that I am an inch and a half shorter than I used to be and have to lose around four stones in weight. Of course, it is all going to come down to eating less – and I get so much pleasure from my food! Ah, well.

Back home I started getting things ready for the Presbytery Service on Sunday, preparing the edict – it is quite long and tortuous – and searching out my robes, unworn since my retirement and not yet unpacked. I completed the end of month statistical return for Edinburgh and dealt with emails.

David came and took away a bit of the trailer to repair and, at six, we dined in the farmhouse before setting of for the World Day of Prayer service which this year is in the Roman Catholic Church at Duns.

The Roman Catholic Church in Duns is a beautiful little building and the congregation were extremely welcoming. There was an excellent attendance and I enjoyed the service from The Bahamas very much indeed. The music and singing was excellent. The words too were good but I was sorry that we didn’t ‘do’ the special bits – the mime that was offered, or the address or use the card-shaped footsteps which were suggested in the text as a way of identifying our present or future contributions to show Jesus’ love to his world and his people. (Actually this last idea reminded me of my trip to Trondheim for the second international Green Pilgrimage City conference where people from all around the world had brought a ‘footprint’ which spoke of their pilgrimage journey and set them out around the Cathedral of St. Olaf.)

After the service we were all invited into the Presbytery for tea and cake – having had the experience I had first thing this morning, I welcomed the tea but declined the cake!

Back home I settled down in front of the television and watched the evening news before walking Mix and retiring to bed with my book.


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