Tuesday 3rd. March, 2015 – Presbytery 

Ann and her son Dave who are slaving away at the Manse trying to get everything packed so that they can move to South Queensferry tomorrow

Again I was in the bothy, having walked Mix, before eight and I spent the day getting everything ready for the meeting this evening. In particular I wanted to write a letter to each of the people invited to receive a long-service certificate from the Moderator later in the month. I will get them delivered by the ministers this evening.

As I’ll miss dinner I made myself some lunch -- cauliflower, carrots and broccoli in a cheese sauce – great! Rachel got her bookcases delivered from IKEA, a happy pair of workers, good ambassadors for their company.

Shortly before four, I knocked off, took Mix for a walk, had a shower and got ready for Presbytery.

I was up at the hall in Duns by six ensuring that everything was ready for the meeting at seven. I met with Jeff and had a fine old chat with him before the meeting got underway. One of the reports arrived just before the meeting so I had to get that on to the power-point before the meeting began.

The meeting itself was uneventful. We received the accounts which showed that there is money to pay the bills for this year, approved the budget and set the level of presbytery dues. Then we went on to hear reports from the Business Committee, the Fabric and Glebes Committee, the Ministries Committee and the Superintendence Committee, completing the business in under an hour and a half.

I went off for a Chinese take-away and then did the minutes before walking Mix and retiring to bed.


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