Friday 27th. February, 2015 – And the Journey Home 

I saw this building as I walked home after our evening meal last night. I was really taken with the squinty door -- I'd love a door like that

I woke at seven with the light streaming into my ground floor bedroom and the most glorious view of Canterbury Cathedral filling the window. I got up and showered before making my way to the dining room where I enjoyed a full English breakfast washed down with lashings of orange juice. (I caught up with the world cup as I dressed – Chris Gayle came good as he was bound to do.)

We all made our way across to the Diocesan Centre and met again in the Board Room. All of the discussions of yesterday had borne fruit and there was agreement about the way forward. We will seek to carry forward the Green Pilgrimage Network (an international name but concentrating initially on the European sector while encouraging and working as best we can with partners further afield). The large number of emails which have been received from all around the world show that to be the only decision. Green Network India will continue as it is but is anxious to develop partnerships with us and wishes the international (world-wide) dimension of the network to continue, led from Europe.

Agreement was reached on a constitution which was adopted and an application to register as a charity was set in train. Office bearers were appointed and a number of targets for the immediate future agreed. Finally we said farewell to Alison and Jean from the Alliance of Religions and Conservation who stopped working for that organisation after today. We will miss them both but it is certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility that they will return to work for the Green Pilgrimage Network as an independent charity once it is up and running.

With all of the work done, and with our good-byes said, I hurried for a lunch-time train to London and from there to Scotland. The train to Scotland was a bit of a disaster – two other trains (both to Leeds) had been cancelled and, as a result, there were far too many passengers on board – with the knock on effect that the guard and other train officials hid until the crush disappeared after Doncaster. I was OK. I had my booked seat which I had got onto as soon as the train arrived at the station but others were not so fortunate.

I arrived in Berwick just a few minutes late. Rachel was there to meet me and we were soon home at Mount Pleasant where we joined Olive, Digger and Mum for supper before I fell asleep in front of the television. It was good to be home. (I’d bought Rachel a pendant from the shop at the Cathedral – a pendant based on the crozier of Thomas a Becket as illustrated in one of the cathedral’s stained glass windows. Rachel liked it very much.)

Walked Mix and went to bed.


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