Monday 23rd. February, 2015 -- Starting to get ready for Presbytery 

This afternoon Ann, our minister popped in to visit and I took this snap. Ann has really been my first minister -- growing up as I did as a manse-kid and then being a minister myself for so many years. I have enjoyed her ministry and we will miss her and her husband Jack when they leave next week.

Up and walked Mix. It is unbelievably cold today and the wind is hugely strong. We settled into the Bothy and started to get papers ready for Presbytery. Of the fifty or so people who attend Presbytery all but six have email, but that six generate at least half a day’s work each month. No wonder in Aberdeen, we were told last week, the decision had been taken that papers are only sent out by email and that ability to have access to email is something to be thought about when appointing a presbytery elder.

David popped in, in the afternoon and Jack came to visit Mum. Later in the afternoon Ann came to collect Jack and we all shared in afternoon tea (with cream cakes which I had bought this morning when I took the car into the garage to get petrol – the computer said one mile of petrol remaining and my fifty litre tank accepted fifty-three litres of fuel).

After afternoon tea. It was back to the bothy to continue with the Presbytery agenda and then it was time for our evening meal in the farmhouse. More lovely food followed by University Challenge on tv and a very disturbing documentary which seemed to show Malcolm Rifkind in a very unflattering light. I really was quite shocked although I know that was the intention of the programme makers.

Malcolm Rifkind opened our theatre in Buckhaven and I have always watched him kindly but the person captured on the secret filming was not the one I recognised. What a blessing we are not all subject to having our foibles exposed in this way.

I went back out to the Bothy and did a bit more work before settling down to watch the News and some cricket – and yes, last night England did win against Scotland quite convincingly in the end although Kyle Coetzer who used to bat for Durham batted with some spirit for Scotland.


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