Saturday 21st. February, 2013 – A Good Day 

In the west we had midges and rain and traffic jams; here we have wind. If you doubt that, this used to be a brand-new tarpaulin firmly fixed over the bows of Ianthe, now it barely exists. The wind here can be ferocious .... I still prefer it to the midges, the rain and the traffic jams

I got up late and took Mix for a walk. Then I came into the Bothy and sorted things out a bit before spending some time with midi music files and, in particular, singing my way through Princess Ida.

In the afternoon David arrived and he and I went off to Berwick where I bought the paint, rollers and brushes for dealing with the upstairs in the Hen House – it is only white emulsion but I’m told that the new plaster will drink up a couple of coats very quickly and that only once that is on will we be able to think about the eventual colour. I also finally got Rachel’s bookcases for her new study ordered. They will arrive on the 3rd. of March so that sets a deadline for having that room ready to receive its new furniture.

We dined in the farmhouse and then in the evening we watched an old episode of Foyle’s War which, as usual, I enjoyed. I walked Mix before getting caught up in cricket watching again – by the way, Pakistan did crumble last night and, in the end, West Indies won quite convincingly.


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