Thursday 19th. February, 2015 -- Off to Stirling today! 

Today my car completed 100,000 miles. That’s an awful lot of driving, although I doubt if it has actually been all that far at all, just over the same roads over and over again. I wonder how many miles it did between Luss and Arrochar – and how many more it will do between Mount Pleasant and Duns?

I got up, showered and walked Mix before checking emails and then setting off for Stirling to attend the meeting of the Trustees of the Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum. It was good to see everyone again and to share in the excitement of all that is happening on the ground. In particular plans were being made for the forum meeting at Old Church’s House in Dunblane in April and then for our big event in the Autumn which this year will be held in Melrose and will be associated with St. Cuthbert’s Way. Both will be events to which to look forward.

I had to leave early to drive home so that I could be ready for the meeting of the Presbytery Business Committee this evening. The main business, as always, is ensuring that everything is ready for the Presbytery meeting at the start of March. We talked about the accounts, ensuring that they are ready for presentation at that meeting, and also about the forthcoming visit by the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

On the way home I bought a sausage supper – I don’t see to have eaten at the farmhouse for such a long time! I walked Mix before bed.


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