Monday 16th. February, 2015 – A lovely day 

It was a lovely day today and in the late afternoon Mix and I went out for a walk. I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t walked along Bramble Avenue since last Autumn, I'll see what it is like today’. Mix was walking ahead of me and without a word from me he turned into Bramble Avenue and started walked along it. Now how do you explain that? Whatever, it was a lovely walk

I was up early today because Simon the plasterer was coming to complete the upstairs of one of our projects. That is all now safely completed. I spent the morning tidying the Bothy. At lunchtime I went to Pearson’s to order coal and then to the garage to fuel my car for the drive to Crieff tomorrow. Back at Mount Pleasant I did some more organising before paying Simon and inspecting all that he has done. It looks super. Tom popped along and he too was impressed.

Mix and I went for a walk and I sorted out my finances – I always seem to do that before I go away, even if it is only for a night or so.

We dined in the farmhouse and then I had a restful evening watching television (University Challenge and then a docudrama based on the unlikely premise that UKIP won the next General Election). I should report that my fears last night were groundless – Chris Gale was out soon after I went to bed (I watched it on my i-pad) and with the West Indies at 87 for 5 I was quietly confident for Ireland. Mind you at 300 for 6, I was a little less so. However, Ireland got there and have claimed another famous scalp. I wonder if Scotland can follow their lead tonight?


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