Saturday 14th. February, 2015 – A Sorting Out sort of a day and, of course, St. Valentine's Day 

Today Digger fitted the vent to his dome – the idea being to keep the hot air inside during the winter months. I held the vent while Digger fitted the screws (and then I took the picture)

After Mix and I had gone for a walk, we started to sort things out in the Bothy. The accounts arrived from the Presbytery Treasurer so I was able to send out the papers to the members of the Business Committee. Rachel received a copy of the DVD of her television appearance on Border TV and so I had a bit of a look at that as well.

The cricket world cup has started and New Zealand won their opening game. England didn’t., although it is not the end of the world as there are other games for them to win and still qualify for the quarter finals. What is bad, however, is that neither of the umpires knew the rules and it cost James Taylor his maiden international century. Taylor was wrongly given out leg before wicket, a decision which was overturned on review, however at this point James Anderson was given out run out when even I knew that on the umpire raising his finger to give Taylor out lbw the ball became dead. It was a poor show and left Taylor stranded not out on 98. It’s just not cricket! (The overall result was not, of course, affected as Australia were well in the ascendancy.)

David arrived – he has been trying to repair my organ, without much success as yet, but I am grateful to him for trying. He also went off to deal with the battery of the Bongo for Rachel.

Later, Olive, Digger, Mum, Rachel and I went to the Black Bull for our evening meal. As always it was extremely pleasant. This is the life – largely retired but with lots to do, and a glorious theatre down the road (and soon it will be the sailing season).


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