Friday 13th. February, 2013 Not Quite as Planned 

Whenever I am passing on a Friday I pop into the Stables and take a picture of the kilt activities which are within. I like to see how they are getting on (and it also reminds them that I am here so that they remember to invite me to join them for lunch, which today as always was most enjoyable)

Today I worked in the Bothy getting everything in order for the Moderator’s visit. I worked away all day and also spent more than an hour on a Skype call with folk from the Green Pilgrimage Network. It was fun to listen to all of the noise from the streets in India – all they heard from here was Mix’s barking when a car appeared in the courtyard

I also had a long chat with the folks from Amble Marina. David, Tom and I had gone down to visit the Marina last year and we had been told of this special deal which they operate for small boats under six metres in length (Olivebank is 5.74 metres). However when I was sent the berthing contract to sign it said that the beam could not be more than 2.2 metres and Olivebank is 2.26 metres (6 centimetres wider than allowed). I phoned and said that if it was a problem I would prefer not to take the boat to Amble and the gentleman in charge (Karl) said that no he would sort things out for me. We’ll see what transpires – boating is fun and I wouldn’t want either to be in a spot which was too tight to easily get in and out or to create problems for others in that area of the marina.

We were to have gone to Scott and Sue’s for our evening meal but Scott has gone down with man flu so we all ate in the farmhouse and then came across to the Granary to watch the Fifth Estate, a film about Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. It was fun and afterwards I watched the New Zealand innings as they started their World Cup campaign against Sri Lanka. I have tipped New Zealand to do well in this World Cup and they certainly did well this evening.


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