Thursday 12th. February, 2015 – Off to the theatre again 

Mix has been noticing that there are definite signs of Spring in the air; fields are ploughed, the days are lengthening and there is a feeling that everything is starting to wake-up after the winter months

Walked Mix and settled down in the Bothy to try to tie up the loose ends regarding the forthcoming Moderator’s visit. The frustration is always that people are out and that one can’t make contact with them by telephone. However, I made good progress and hope to have everything finalised by tomorrow.

In the afternoon David and I went into Berwick to buy electrical fittings for our projects, lights from HomeBase, plugs and sockets from City Electrical Factors and coffee from Tesco!

Back home, we dined in the farmhouse before Olive and I went off to the Maltings to see Them Beatles (where we were joined by David) – Mum had gone to the Gavinton WRI to hear the story of the area. The Beatles Show was superb, the actors were excellent musicians and told the story through the music, through changing instruments, costumes, hair styles and facial hair, with a big screen showing appropriate newsreel items throughout. By the end of the show we are all on our feet, some dancing, others clapping their hands and most singing along. It was another really first-rate evening. The Maltings certainly does us proud.


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