Wednesday 11th. February, 2015 – Transported by the RSC 

At lunchtime today, Tom, Dorothy, David and I ended up at the soup lunch in Gavinton. It was Ann’s last such lunch and to mark the occasion Alison got out her guitar and sang ‘Will you no come back again?’ Mum was also here having come under her own steam with her friend, Annie

Up and about, walking Mix and then met with Alan, the Presbytery Business Convener, to prepare the agenda for the Business Committee meeting next week. I have all the papers ready and will send them out as soon as I get the accounts from the Treasurer.

In the evening Rachel and I went off to Berwick to attend the Maltings Theatre. We were in good time, time enough for me to have a sausage supper from the chip shop next door. The show was magnificent – Love’s Labour’s Lost – I have seen a great number of Shakespeare plays over the last year and I have enjoyed them all enormously but there was something really special about this one. It was staggeringly good. What a wonderful thing these Royal Shakespeare streamings are, making their productions accessible to thousands all around the world. I came home bubbling with excitement about what I had seen. It was too late for the News but I did get trapped into watching some more of The Bill!


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