Tuesday 10th. February, 2015 – Another Presbytery Day 

Well, I am always happy to take a picture of the fields around here at harvest time, so why not now when they have been ploughed and will soon have crop sown. Everything around here seems so fertile. It is a lovely place to live

Up and walked Mix before starting on some of the bits and pieces for the Presbytery Business Committee next week. In the afternoon I was joined by two of my presbytery colleagues for a discussion about one of the matters of the moment. It was good for me to have to turn my mind to ecclesiastical matters after a year without such concerns.

Mix and I went for a late afternoon walk – the days are beginning to lengthen again – and then we dined in the farmhouse. I spent some more time in the Bothy but was back in the farmhouse in time for the news. I fell asleep and awoke to flick through the tv channels and found that The Bill was just about to start. It used to be a favourite of mine and before I knew what had happened I had got trapped into watching it, so it turned into a later night than I had planned.


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