Monday 9th. February, 2015 – Normality returns 

Mix and I went for a walk just as dusk was falling and I took this picture. I think it catches the mood of this time of year

I was up ready to welcome the plasterer at 7.30 a.m. (he normally arrives about 7.40 a.m.) but today he didn’t get here until a little after eight as his van wouldn’t start. I have to say I wasn’t surprised as when Mix and I went for a walk it was as cold as I can remember it – the sky was clear and it was very icy. However the sun came out and it turned into a glorious day with sun streaming into the Bothy. Tom popped in to see how we were getting on, but was quickly on his way with work to do at May Cottage.

Simon – the plasterer – did a double-take when he arrived at all that we have achieved and it wasn’t long before he was confessing that our progress had taken him by surprise and embarrassed him just a little as he had only set aside one day to work here this week, never expecting us to have the whole of the upstairs complete. It isn’t a problem. He will return next Monday and we have lots of other irons in the fire.

I spent the morning on Green Pilgrimage business, including considerably in excess of an hour on the telephone with members of the European steering group in a conference call. Then this afternoon I worked on Presbytery business. There is a lot to do but I can happily work away at that this week – a lovely quiet week in the Bothy with little physical work to do. Maybe my body will recover!

Mix and I went for a late afternoon walk and then we dined in the farmhouse with the family. In the evening Rachel watched Broadchurch and I did some more work as I still haven’t got into that series. I did watch the news and 2015 before bed – today seems to have gone on for such a long time, and it also seems an awful long time since yesterday. Still that’s a very good complaint to have.


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