Sunday 8th. February, 2015 – And a really relaxing Sunday again. 

The Church flowers were given to Dorothy this week. She celebrated her birthday and has also been a bit under the weather

Really appreciated today after all the hard work of the week. I rose, walked Mix and went with Mum and Rachel to Gavinton Church where the readings were of Naaman’s leprosy cure, the leper healed by Jesus, and running the race (from Paul’s letter to the Church at Corinth). Ann’s sermon was on the theme of ‘Ctrl c’, or ‘copying’ Jesus’ compassion for those in need. (Pity is a feeling, compassion is an action.)

We stayed for coffee with the congregation and then came home to tidy away the tools from the Hen House and give everything a final clean in preparation for the plasterer tomorrow. Then we lunched in the farmhouse, after which I spent the afternoon first having coffee with Tom (who had come to inspect the Hen House) and then working on emails and so on for the presbytery. This will be a Presbytery week I imagine.

Rachel went off to Evensong and on her return we had a snack before being joined by Mum and Olive (still elated by Raith Rover’s 2-1 defeat of Rangers) to watch Mr. Selfridge. It was good and I was glad to get to bed not too late as I will have an early start tomorrow.


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