Saturday 7th. February, 2015 – The plaster-boarding is complete! 

What an incredible sky this evening – it bodes well for tomorrow

Rose, walked Mix and had a lovely shower ( my first of two today). I drove along to Tom’s and together we went to Cranshaws where we helped dismantle furniture and load it into a van.

By the time I got back to Mount Pleasant Rachel had cleaned the Hen House throughout the top floor. Together we set about completing the plaster-boarding and then removing all of the debris from the rooms. Everything was completed just in time for supper. I enjoyed that meal more than I have for a while – the relief that we have completed our task and that everything is now ready for the plasterer on Monday; and the knowledge that I will not need to spend more days plaster-boarding, at least for a while.

After another shower (plaster dust gets everywhere) I relaxed in front of the television watching an old Foyle’s War, and enjoying it enormously. Job done! Fabulous.


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