Thursday 5th. February, 2015 – And another day hard at work 

Rachel (with her hair cut) and Ann leaning over the Mount Pleasant farm gate

There is little to report today. I walked the dog and then got stuck in to plaster-boarding in the Hen House. I plaster-boarded until six o’clock at which point I went and joined the family in the farmhouse for dinner.

In the evening, Olive, Mum and Ann (here for the kilt class tomorrow) joined Rachel and me to watch a film which Rachel had selected for us, entitled ‘Albert Nobbs’. It was set in Ireland in 1898 and centred around a woman who held down a job as maitre domo at a hotel by virtue of disguising herself as a man. It was a most unusual film (which is not to say that it was an odd film) and I enjoyed it enormously, particularly the performance of Janet McTeer (another woman playing a man). Well, you have to see it to understand.

Rachel helped me with the plaster-boarding in the morning before going to get her hair cut in the afternoon. I am making progress but still face a bit of an up-hill task to get everything done by Monday.


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