Tuesday 3rd. February, 2015 – A Presbytery Day 

It really isn’t anything to write home about, but this is the first snow we have seen since we came to live in the Borders. While everyone else has been having quite a difficult time, our climate has been gentle and kind. (Those who know Rachel will not be surprised to see that we still have Christmas lights up)

After yesterday’s activity in the Hen House working manually with plaster board, today could not have been more different as I spent all day getting things ready for the presbytery meeting this evening. In my defence, it was my first meeting as Presbytery Clerk and I wanted to have all eventualities covered. In the afternoon I had a shower and changed into my dark suit and made my way to the Duns Church Hall to do what I could to assist the folk who were preparing for a reception at 6 p.m. before the Presbytery, planned to enable folk to say farewell to Ann, our minister who retires at the end of the month, having been here for twelve years.

It was a good reception, and a friendly one, well supported and with great food! Then it was off to the Presbytery meeting at which a formal good-bye was said to Ann, and she was able to reply.

Back home, I came across to the Bothy and prepared the minutes, getting them distributed before I went to bed.

Meanwhile Rachel and Olive and the rest of the kilt-making clan had been away on an outing to see around the Loch Carron mill visitors’ centre in Selkirk. They came home having had a great day out. Mum’s adventure had been to get her hair done.

As night fell it began to snow and, for the first time here this year, began to lie as well. I walked Mix and went to bed.


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