Monday 2nd. February, 2015 – Candlemas 

Rachel and I worked all day in the Hen House today and at the end of it we have completed the ceiling and all but completed the wall which looks out on to the courtyard (if you know what I mean). There is still a lot to do before next week but we shall be at it all Wednesday and would hope to have the bedroom completed by the evening

Rose, walked Mix and changed into my dungarees before setting about the bed room in the Hen House. By teatime we had achieved our target for the day but I am absolutely exhausted. I suppose I am nearer seventy than sixty-five but I almost never feel it. Today I do.

We dined in the farmhouse and I was almost too tired to eat (it is the drilling and working above my head which seems to do for me; that and scrabbling around on the floor).

In the evening I retired to the Bothy to start to get things ready for the Presbytery meeting tomorrow. There is very little business but I am anxious to remember all that needs to be done!

I will sleep well tonight.


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