Sunday 1st. February, 2015 – So much to hope for ... but not today! 

Through the wonders of television I was able to be transported to Australia this morning: to Melbourne for the Australian Tennis Final, and to Perth for the final of the tri-nations cricket contested by England and Australia. I remember as a teenager how I sat up and listened to the early broadcasts on the radio and marvelled that we could hear a voice from so far away and so share in the sporting events of yesteryear as they happened. Today television enables us to be there. Unfortunately the results did not go our way today. Andy Murray lost to Novak Djokovic (pictured above in his moment of triumph) and England slumped to a dismal defeat against Australia. Not all is lost however. Andy played better than he has for a while and has more opportunities to win a major later this year; and England are really in Australia to acclimatise themselves for the World Cup which will start shortly. There will be a lot more to watch

Rose and walked Mix, trying to keep an eye on both sporting events mentioned above.

Went with Rachel and Mum to Gavinton Church where Jeff, the new assistant at Duns, was sharing in leading the service with Ann. Tomorrow is Candlemas and the appropriate stories of Simeon and Anna were at the heart of our service. After the service we braved the icy under-foot conditions and joined everyone else for coffee in the hall.

Back home I was sorry to see that England had lost and I suffered as Andy Murray went down to defeat. We joined the rest of the family for lunch in the farmhouse and later fell asleep in front of the fire (as one does on a cold Sunday afternoon). Later Tom looked in and we talked through what I still have to do in the Hen House, had a coffee and put the world to rights.

Rachel went off to Evensong (again it was a Candlemas Service) while I dealt with Presbytery emails. We had a snack (well, more accurately I had a Chinese take-away) and then Olive and Mum joined us in the Granary to watch Mr. Selfridge. Following the News, I walked Mix and retired to bed. It is going to be a very busy week.


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