Saturday 31st. January, 2015 – It’s the end of January already 

It still isn’t tidy – and all of my books have still not been brought here – but it feels comfy and it feels like home. Even although it is bitterly cold outside it heats up warm, and Mix and I love it

Rose, walked Mix and soon it was time to welcome two of my ministerial colleagues who popped in for a discussion – being Presbytery Clerk is helping me to get to know so many people.

Once my colleagues had lift I had a snack lunch before changing into old clothes. Rachel and I moved all of the wood from upstairs in the Hen House to the ground floor on the basis that if I continued with the plaster-boarding and we didn’t move the wood to the floor below, we would never get it down the stairs.

Mix and I then worked away in the bedroom and completed some more plaster-boarding – but there is still a lot to do. Late in the afternoon I walked Mix, took Mum on a tour of the Hen House and then we all ate together in the farmhouse (except for Digger who was away in Edinburgh watching Raith Rovers draw with Hibs -- a goal in extra time achieving a good result for the Kirkcaldy side).

In the evening Rachel and I watched ‘Foyle’s War’. These are not now new episodes but the programme is so good that it bears re-watching. I walked Mix in the snow and went to bed.


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