Thursday 29th. January, 2015 – Another interesting day 

By the end of today it is possible to take a picture of the bedroom in the Hen house that begins to look as though one day it (the bedroom) will have walls

Rose and didn’t walk Mix because as I sorted the fire in the lounge I discovered that Andy Murray was playing in the semi-final of the Australian Open on tv. I determined that I would watch the first set and then would take Mix for his walk. It was a real tussle which finally Andy Murray lost (although I thought he was playing well). I took Mix for his walk, returning to the Bothy to catch up on Presbytery emails and other bits and pieces, only to discover that while the first set had taken ages, the second set had taken next to no time and that Andy Murray had won it six games to love. I was hooked and had to watch the whole of the match (well, I’m retired so why shouldn’t I?)

I took my i-pad (and my trusty dog) upstairs in the Hen House and for the rest of the morning and the first part of the afternoon I worked on the plaster-boarding of the bedroom (with more than half an eye on the tennis playing away on my i-pad). Andy Murray won and I continued to plaster-board.

Later one of my ministerial colleagues came to visit. I have to say that the real joy of being presbytery clerk is in meeting my colleagues (well, if I wasn’t clerk I wouldn’t have any colleagues, I suppose) and learning from them. I came away from the afternoon enthused by learning from someone else’s experience, and of the commitment and dedication with which folk approach ministry today in what are far harder times than people like me can remember from forty years ago. No wonder I remain optimistic about our Church.

We all dined together in the farmhouse and then I returned to the Hen House to do a little bit more work – you see we have a deadline: the plasterer is returning a week on Monday and he will expect me to have made significant progress.

David arrived and chatted and soon afterwards I gave up and went inside to relax in front of the television for a little while before walking Mix and retiring to bed.


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