Monday 26th. January, 2015 – Rachel, Ann and Olive are on the television! 

I took this picture before eight o’clock this morning just before Simon started work on plastering over the plasterboards. This is the before, watch this space for the after ...

Rose early and welcomed Simon the plasterer about quarter to eight. I helped him carry the plaster up to the studio and then left him to it. About nine, Tom and David arrived and David moved the light to enable Simon to have free access to the ceiling. Soon they went on their way and Simon set about his task with gusto.

I retired to the Bothy to do some of the Presbytery tasks which were awaiting me. I stopped for a bit of lunch around one and then it was back to the Bothy again. David looked in and, as we cannot get Border Life on our televisions, or so we thought, we arranged to drive over to his house this evening to catch the programme filmed here a couple of weeks ago.

Then it was time for me to join a conference telephone call with other members of the Green Pilgrimage Steering group to discuss the development of our movement. There is a lot going on, not least the folk from Jarrow and Bede’s World becoming full members of the network. The call lasted fully ninety minutes and there will be a further call on Wednesday – so many exciting things to arrange, and telephone or skype is so much ‘greener’ than all journeying to meetings.

We dined in the farmhouse and then Rachel and I set off for David’s home only to discover on our arrival that we had just missed the programme which was on thirty minutes earlier than we had understood. We drove home (after a tour of David’s establishment) to discover that Mum had got the programme on her television. However, I was able to raise it on my computer and we all sat in the Bothy and watched it together.

The programme was excellent, centering on Ann and Rachel, with cameo performances from Olive and Shona, and Sandy on the loom – and Mount Pleasant looked good as well. It was beautifully filmed and well presented by Fiona Armstrong who had done the girls proud.

Rachel went off to watch Broadchurch while I did some more work before walking Mix and getting off to bed. Simon will be here early tomorrow morning too!


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