Friday 23rd. January, 2015 -- Another day at the Office 

Ann admires Kate’s work – that really does look good!

Up and walked Mix and then started work in the Bothy – all Presbytery bits and pieces, emails, statistics and preparation for the next Presbytery. Next door in the Stables the kilt-making course was going well and at lunch time David came to visit and he and I joined the ladies for lunch in the farmhouse.

In the afternoon it was more of the same but I also found a moment to reprise some Gilbert and Sullivan to the strains of the organ I now have in the Bothy. Mix and I went for a walk and afterwards I showered before we all went out for a meal to the Black Bull – Mum, Rachel, Olive, Ann, Digger and me. The cause of the celebration? Well when we moved here Mum’s flat hadn’t sold so we had to take out a mortgage for a small part of the cost of the property. Yesterday it was all paid off so we are now beholden to no-one. Halleluiah!

It was a lovely meal. I had breaded mushrooms stuffed with stilton and served in a garlic cream sauce, followed by prawn curry served with popadums and chips (well, it should have been rice but I had a very obliging waitress), followed by sherry trifle, washed down with coca-cola and followed by an expresso.

We came back to the Granary for tea coffee and chat. A really good evening.


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