Thursday 22nd. January, 2015 – And another day yoked up 

Ann has arrived in preparation for the kilt-making course tomorrow and now, over a cup of tea from Rachel’s favourite tartan tea-pot, they are planning tomorrow. Mix has wandered into the shot, wondering no doubt what all of the hilarity is about. After all, kilt-making is a serious business

Got up and walked Mix before moving into the Bothy to continue sorting through the Presbytery bits and pieces. However, almost at once the phone rang with a presbytery query and once started the phone rang all morning. It was just like being back at Luss. Although I didn’t even get started on what I had planned to do today I did learn a lot and I did begin to feel useful as the day went on.

Mix and I moved the organ from the summer house into the Bothy and I prepared some music for a funeral at Arrochar tomorrow and also for Sunday at Gavinton when we shall be standing in for Gay.

Rachel was out at her glass-making this morning. David arrived at lunch time and did some work in the Hen House – we are trying to get everything ready for the plasterer next week. Later in the afternoon I took Mix for a walk and then Ann arrived and soon it was time for us all to eat together in the farmhouse.

In the evening I retired to the Bothy to enable Ann and Rachel to use the lounge for their preparations. I had a piece of music to find for Luss Church — which I eventually found and then wrote my first Allen midi file for a long, long while. (Normally I write files for the electronic midi keyboard organs and Rachel writes files for the Allen Organ but Rachel is deep into her kilt-making course so I did it this time.) And later still I watched a bit of television before bed (having walked Mix beforehand, of course.) Part of me grudges having responsibilities again, but part of me is thoroughly enjoying it and I suspect that part will gradually take over the other part (at least until the sailing season starts).


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