Wednesday 21st. January, 2015 – A day in harness 

Now that I have evacuated the spare room I have fitted up a desk behind the sofa in the Bothy. It works very well. I have a computer and printer and some filing space as well. I also have a little dog who sits beside me while I work

Up and walked Mix before settling down to deal with all of the matters which flowed from the meeting of the Business Committee last night: correspondence and arrangements. In spite of my belief that it really wouldn’t take too long, it took me all day today and there is still more to be done. However, in my defence, this is the first time around and there won’t always be a Moderatorial visit to arrange.

In the middle of the morning I had to attend the surgery for a further consultation with my doctor, taking with me a graph showing my ‘blowing power’ three times a day for the last fifteen days. My power doesn’t seem to be in doubt, it is the variability which is raising concerns. I have to continue with my ‘blowing diary’, keep away from cigarette smoke and dust in the atmosphere and have a further meeting next month – so it can’t be very serious, just a mild asthma, it seems.

After lunch I continued working in the Bothy until Rachel returned from her visit to the dentist in Edinburgh at which point I took Mix for a walk (the days really are starting to draw out) and soon afterwards we all dined in the farmhouse – well, Mum was there but didn’t eat because she was going to the Duns Guild Burns’ Supper. I drove her there and she had a good time.

Rachel, Olive and I watched Wolf Hall, the first episode, and enjoyed it enormously. It will be good to see how it develops but it has made a good start. I walked Mix and went to bed. I have enjoyed today.


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