Monday 19th. January, 2015 -- Hard at work  

Here is the first item in the new spare room. I bought it from a travelling rug salesman. I know you shouldn’t do that but I enjoyed it and I like the rug. I used to buy similar rugs from a similar van salesman when I lived in Buckhaven, thirty years ago – and I still have the rugs and they are still looking very good

Up and walked Mix and then started preparing for the Presbytery Business Committee tomorrow. Tom arrived and I went off with him to help him unload a complete toilet from the back of his trailer before driving with him to Pearson’s to buy plaster board which we then unloaded at his new home. (Of course, we did stop off at Pearson’s for lunch while we were there).

Back home I spent the rest of the day in the Bothy, right up until almost eleven, working on Presbytery papers. Once I have got everything sorted out, it will be much easier.

I walked Mix and was glad to get to bed. Happy days!


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