Saturday 17th. January, 2015 -- A long lie and a finished project 

At last the room is completely cleared out – the little cupboards are empty and everything is ready for its new life

Slept in today. In fact it was about half-past ten before I got up and walked Mix. It was lovely and I was so comfortable.

I spent the morning completing the clean-up of the spare room and the moving of the final items either to the summer house or to the bothy. Then I made myself some lunch: chicken, chips and hash browns; before moving into the bothy to find a place for all the new items and to deal with emails and other items of concern.

We dined at six and then in the evening Olive and Mum joined us to watch the 3D version of Titanic. It was superb and I enjoyed it very much. Walked the dogs and went to bed. It has been a very quiet Saturday but a most satisfactory one


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