Friday 16th. January, 2015 – Kilt-making in the Granary 

I took this picture of some of the activity within the Granary today. Digger and I struggled across with the huge table top at first light, but everyone was warm and happy

Up and walked Mix and while everyone was at work making kilts, I was across in the Bothy trying to make the place look tidy enough for me to use to chat to folk as well as to work.

I dealt with Presbytery emails and messages and later in the morning one of my ministerial colleagues came in to visit me and spent an enlightening (for me) couple of hours.

Soon it was time for me to shower and get ready for my visit to the medical practice at Duns where I underwent a number of tests on my lungs. I was delighted to learn that my x-ray results were normal, and the tests today ruled out both an infection and asthma – in fact my ‘blowing’ results were good (the product of so much voice projection from the pulpit over so many years, I expect). I am to have a further session with my doctor next Wednesday: they really do take very good care of us. (I am also to have an hour session with a life-style doctor. I expect the question of my weight will be raised – how is that now I am retired I am so active, working on building projects from dawn to dusk, eat well but not to excess, walk the dogs and haven’t a worry in the world ... and still continue to put weight on?)

I popped in to see Dorothy and Tom later in the afternoon and then enjoyed my supper with the family before setting off for Ayton to attend a class about telephone canvassing. I found it fascinating and I was impressed by the tools which are provided for those who wish to be involved and by the numbers of people who wanted to take part.

I came home and walked Mix along with Rachel and Rowan and soon it was time for bed. Yet another day for which to give thanks.


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