Thursday 15th. January, 2015 – Off to Cranshaws 

The entrance to Cranshaws Kirk, a beautiful old building in the village of that name where our congregation holds a service twice a month

Up and walked Mix and soon afterwards Tom and Dorothy arrived: Dorothy to go with Rachel into Berwick for their glass-class, Tom to take me to Cranshaws where we were to track down a smell which had appeared around the organ at a funeral earlier in the week.

We arrived in Cranshaws and smelled everything we could find. Yes, there is a smell of damp in the small ‘vestry area’ and a smell, now fairly faint, which suggests animal activity around the organ. Ann arrived while we were sniffing and told us that the smell was almost nothing now compared with how it had been. So we ensured that there was plenty of air around and hope that the problem will be away by the weekend.

Tom drove me home and I continued with the work of sorting out the spare room – moving lots to be stored into the summerhouse (which is now bulging) and much to be used into the bothy (which is also starting to bulge). Ann arrived to be here for the kilt-making tomorrow and, after supper, along with Mum and Olive, we all settled down in the Granary to watch the Falklands Play – a film about Mrs. Thatcher’s Falkland adventure. It made for good watching and we have planned another film night for Saturday.

Tonight is extremely windy and bitterly cold. I have persuaded them to have the kilt-making course in the Granary tomorrow on the basis that warm kilt-makers are likely to be better kilt-makers. I’m not sure that Rachel agrees.


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