Tuesday 13th. January, 2015 -- More of the same 

I have rearranged the Bothy to enable me to store more in it – temporarily, you understand!

I got up and walked Mix and then spent some time dealing with emails in the Bothy, there were quite a lot so this took quite a bit of the morning. By lunch time, however, I was not only back in the spare room but I had all clothes packed away and the boxes brought downstairs. On Rachel’s return from taking Mum to her hairdresser (and having coffee with Bridget), she kept the dogs in the lounge while I carried the boxes out to the summerhouse (this was necessary because otherwise mud would have been spread everywhere both in the summer house and in the Granary by cavorting dogs).

I stopped for some lunch and soon afterwards my hat-stretcher arrived. It looks grand and I am dying to try it out but I will persevere with the task in hand for a while longer. I worked in the spare room sorting and packing other items from cupboards and drawers and behind cupboards (under the bunk). I haven’t got finished but I expect to compete this part of the task tomorrow – what is taking the time is sorting everything out and putting together things which belong together.

As dusk fell, I took Mix for a walk (I was wearing the day-glo jacket I had found earlier in the afternoon) and then I spent time in the Bothy re-arranging it so that I can get another table in as I will need one on which to work. I dined with Rachel in the Granary (I’m out of the farmhouse this week until I have had another medical consultation on Friday) and in the evening I did nothing but enjoy our warm lounge with its fire and television set (we watched an old episode of Midsomer Murders). It is good to be alive.


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