Sunday 11th. January, 2015 – Two Services today 

The Church at Edrom is a beautiful one. I took this picture after the service while folk were enjoying tea and chocolate cake -- there is an attractive little area at the back of the church which has been cleared of pews and is used for small receptions: today we spilled all over the church. It was great

Rose and walked Mix before getting ready for Church. Rachel, Mum and I left as usual at 9.40 so that we could be in our pews in good time for the service to start at 10 a.m. Ann, our minister, (who had been missing with no voice last week) was back in her place today. She presented us with three vignettes – on the wise men, on the star which guided them and on the baptism of Jesus, the start of Mark’s Gospel.

After the service we enjoyed a coffee with friends in the church hall before returning to Mount Pleasant. Rachel joined the rest of the family for lunch, I stayed in the Granary getting things ready for the presbytery service at 2.30 p.m. (I am also finding my chest is getting affected by cigarette smoke in the farmhouse).

I was at Edrom Church in good time, taking with me the Orders of Service and a sederunt sheet. The service which marked the formal union of Edrom, Bonkyl and Duns Churches was well attended both by members of Presbytery and by folk from the congregations – the sermon was preached by Bruce Neill while David Taverner acted as Moderator (which he was last year but the present Moderator is also the minister of Duns Church so David took over).

After the service the congregation served us with tea and chocolate cake – it was very good.

Back home I continued with work in the spare room (Tom came home with me and we had coffee first) and while Rachel was away at Evensong in Berwick I moved a cupboard into my shower-room: space really is at a premium.

In the evening we had a meal together and watched the new episode of Foyle’s War which I thoroughly enjoyed. We walked the dogs , watched the News (largely from France telling of mass attendances at ‘Je Suis Charlie’ rallies) and went to bed. It has been a good day.


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