Saturday 10th. January, 2015 – A Trip to the Cinema 

Rowan had a visitor for the day today – it is Beth pictured here with Rachel and Rowan on the sofa, Beth’s acceptance made clear by the fact that she has Rowan’s best ball in her mouth

Rose and walked Mix before doing a bit more clearing of the spare bedroom. I’ve put things in boxes ready to store. These newly packed boxes are to be distinguished from the boxes packed when we were in Luss which still have to be unpacked. It is all very confusing.

Rachel went off to Kelso on a shopping expedition, I was left at home because David was dropping off his dog Beth and I had to be here to receive her. So I watched a Big Bash T20 match from Australia. It was very exciting and went right down to the final ball.

After a snack I continued on the clearing, breaking for a shower and then for high tea before we all went off to Berwick to see The Imitation Game joined by Alison who has become a friend though her involvement in the kilt-making programme (by this time Beth had been collected by David). Once one accepted that this was a film and not a documentary it was really good and contained some excellent scenes which gave an insight into the remarkable work done by the code-breakers and into the wartime life they lived. It was also an enthralling film.


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