Thursday 8th. January, 2015 --- Ann arrives to be ready for tomorrow 

After the dreadful mess I showed you yesterday, I have to report that the Bothy really is taking shape and is going to be a lovely addition to our facilities

Rose and walked Mix and then went across to the Bothy to check on emails for the presbytery and to sort out some of my own affairs. Helped Rachel move all of the excess materials from the Stables in preparation for the Kilt-making course re-starting tomorrow.

After a snack lunch I went upstairs and sorted through some of the clothes there, moving them out to the summerhouse and hanging them on one of the old costume rails which I have installed there. Tom and David arrived. Tom’s visit was brief but David’s was a two-coffee stop (during which he fixed the light in the summerhouse and the telephone cable from the house to the Bothy).

Moved into the Bothy and started working through other boxes of items which were packed prior to our move over a year ago. Joined everyone in the farmhouse for dinner (we were joined by Ann who had driven right through Edinburgh in the rush hour because she missed a turning to the city-bypass).

In the evening Mix and I did a bit more work in the Bothy and then returned to the spare bedroom. There is so much to do. Mum spent this evening in Gavinton at the WRI. Ann and Rachel are getting everything ready for tomorrow when they are also expecting a visit from a television programme which is anxious to catch up on their adventures – I’m going to be on the car-parking!


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