Wednesday 7th. January, 2015 -- Chaos all around 

The picture that I should never have shown – the chaos which is the spare bedroom, clothes everywhere all piled on top of a bunk bed because we have no cupboards or wardrobes. Finally I am starting today to put this situation right. The drawers are all open because I have been seeing what a huge task lies ahead and am preparing to decant everything into boxes

Rose and walked the dog and then went across to the Bothy and did some more work on understanding the presbytery materials which have been given to me. I also dealt with some emails (and a couple of telephone calls).

After a snack lunch I spent the afternoon in the spare bedroom starting to make some sense out of the chaos which is there. For a year I have been living without a wardrobe or very much in the way of cupboards. Now everything is going to change. As a first step I am turning the summer house into a make-shift store to enable the spare bedroom to be converted into an office and workroom for Rachel. Watch this space!

We dined in the farmhouse and then I drove Mum into Duns for the Guild meeting. I returned and Rachel and I watched an episode of Endeavour before the News. I am horrified by the terrorist events in Paris in Paris and I despair for our world.


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